Kynd is designed for simplicity. So we pre-screen every local helper. When choosing any Carer with Kynd, you're 100% in control. To help you, we pre-screen every Carer & Worker, with multiple layers of screening.

This includes:

1) Carer Applications (to better understand the person)

Safety Checks (verifying IDs, qualifications, ABNs, regos and more)

Police Certificates (each Carer / Worker has successfully passed a National Police Check)

Reference Checks (with third party and social media checks). 

You're able to choose your Carers, so you're also involved in screening. We recommend, during initial Meet & Greets to ask to see ID, certificates and qualifcations. This helps promote trust and safety from the starts. All Carers and Support Workers in our community have commited to sharing accurate and truthful information. 

You're always in control with Kynd, so please make safety your priority.