You can use Kynd (and choose your own Carers!) if you have a Home Care Package. 

Even if you're waiting for your ACAT Assessment or awaiting your package, you're welcome to get in touch and start planning ahead. Find the right people to help you. 

With our Partner Providers, you can 'Self-Manage' for a low 10% admininstration fee. 

This means more funding is available in your Home Care Packages for services. 

The benefits of choosing to Self-Manage?

- A low 10% fee means more funding available in your package
- You can choose your own Carers with Kynd... someone you like! 
- You can choose more flexible services, including days / times
- You're able to keep using people that are already supporting you
- Get help in areas where 'traditional' providers aren't available
- You will no longer need to lose funding due to huge admin fees!
- With Kynd and Partner Providers, you truly get 'choice & control'

This option is available anywhere in Australia. 

We can help you switch from your current provider. It's simple to do. 

Kynd and our Partners also assist you through the entire process.