Firstly, it's FREE to signup and become a Member with Kynd. You can request 'Meet & Greets' for free (get to know people), before hiring a Carer. There are no entry fees, admin fees or exit fees... whatsoever. Ever! 

You're choosing a local person, not a provider. We're also a platform. This means you'll save money by avoiding extremely high 'agency and provider' prices. It leaves more money for those services you seek.

Hourly Rate Service
Carers and Support Workers choose and offer their hourly rates. You can see their offered rate on their profile within the App. This lets you compare options and decide what's right for you. Pretty cool huh?

You wil only pay the hourly rate that you accept or agree with a Carer. 

Fixed Price Services
If you're looking for fixed prices services (like overnight stays, live-in positions, or on-holiday support), we're able to assist you in discussing prices and options with an individual Carer / Support Worker that you like. 

You'll also automatically receive an invoice email for every visit you book. 

In Kynd's App, you're able to see totals of all care visits you have booked.