Kynd is designed with safety—both online and off—in mind. 

The safety of our community is paramount. It's our number #1 priority. We actively take measures to help ensure safety and trust for everyone using Kynd. As a Member, you take an active role in supporting this.

When choosing a Carer with Kynd, you're 100% in control. To help you, we pre-screen every Carer, with multiple layers of screening. This includes 1) Carer Applications (to better understand the person), 2) Safety Checks (verifying IDs, qualifications, ABNs, regos and more), 3) Police Certificates (each Carer / Worker has successfully passed a National Police Check) and 4) Reference Checks (with third party and social checks). 

100% Choice 
With Kynd, you're in control. You can choose someone you like and someone you trust, whether it's to help you or loved ones. Read profiles, chat with Carers, meet people first and if you're ever not 100% happy, you can change people anytime. Unlike agencies and providers, you'll never have a stranger arrive at the door. 

Carer Profiles
You're able to view Carer Profiles and see verifications (ID and others) that each Carer has completed. Learn about qualifications, languages, personal info, services, interests, skills and helpful details. You can find and choose a Carer who lives closer to you, for 'neighbourly' trust. All before you ever invite someone to help. 

Secure Payment 
For private pay booking visits, our platform has card payments secured via Stripe. Our secure pay platform ensures your money gets to the Carer —that’s why we ask you to always pay through Kynd and never send money or pay cash. For Home Care Packages and NDIS, you're also able to setup payments via invoices. 

Meet & Greets. 
We recommend a Meet & Greet first, especially if needing ongoing care. Before a Carer arrives, you'll need to ensure your home (or other location) is safe. We also suggest also checking a Carer's documents yourself. If more comfortable for you, you can meet in public. We also ask every Carer to first complete 'safety checks'.

Ratings & Reviews
After a Carer visits, share your feedback with your ratings and reviews. This helps other people in your local area to choose the right Carer. Your contributions help to reward and recognition people these helpful locals. 

- - - - - -

All combined, our safety solutions help create a more trust, safe and transparent environment for everyone.