As a Kynd Member, you're in control. It's 100% your choice. 

Naturally, lots of people care about finding a Support Worker with the right mix of personality, interests, attitude and overall ability to help a Participant with their goals. You know - good old fashioned 'chemistry'. Other people might care more about the technical skills, experience and qualifications someone brings. 

When choosing a Support Worker on Kynd, you'll need to decide what matters most. 

You're able to view profiles including qualifications. Kynd checks all qualifications and certifications before they are included on the App in Carer / Support Worker profiles. We suggest you also re-verify qualifications. 

At a minimum, we highly recommend you require your Support Workers to have recent:

- First Aid Training
- CPR Certification 

If you choose to hire and independently train a Support Worker (to provide you services that they are not yet qualified for), that's your decision. Many people prefer to offer on-the-job training, to train Support Worker's in the exact way they like things done. You can also explore getting them paid training courses to upskill.  

We highly and definitely recommend that for more complex and 'higher care' services, that you only choose Support Workers who have the qualifications and / or significant experience, with the services you seek.