Absolutely! Get in touch for more info. We can help all of you to get started.  

If you already have a Support Worker or team that you like, you can invite them to signup as a Support Worker with Kynd. We will still complete all the normal screening and onboarding processes with them. 

More information for your Support Workers:
Carer / Support Worker Info
Get Started: 'Apply to Kynd'

You are then able to mutually agree the rates they will offer you for services. It's a win-win option for you and your Support Workers. They're independent contractors, with the freedom to help you as you need. You can offer them higher hourly rates, while still paying far less than traditional agencies and providers often charge.

This means more funding in your NDIS Packages for more hours of support.  

If they are working exclusively for you, they're even able to have a 'Private Profile' with Kynd, so they are not listed in our App as available for other requests. Or, if seeking more hours, they could have a 'Public Profile'.